Do You Know The Cuban Emergency Numbers? They Are Different Than In Europe Or US!

Those who travel to Cuba actually expect that a quickly dialled 110/112 or 911 will call the police, the fire brigade or an the ambulance. Far from it, other emergency numbers apply in Cuba:

  • 104 for the ambulance
  • 105 for the fire brigade
  • 106 for the police

Info Graphic

So that you have everything in one place – and you can share it much better to Facebook, Pinterest etc. 😉 Here the info graphic with the Cuban emergency numbers:

Time Until Arrival

The German Foreign Office warns, however, that you cannot expect an ambulance to arrive in Cuba in under 15 minutes or that there will be sufficient equipment or qualified personnel on board. This has even led to avoidable deaths from patients.

The police, on the other hand, are very active in Cuba, so you can expect to get help quickly from them.


Unfortunately you can’t be sure the operator speaks English, so you may have to improvise.

A Word Of Advice: Take Your Medication With You!

Just a brief reminder: the Cuban medical system is not bad, measured by the standards of the region and of their possibilities. That said, it does have some serious weaknesses compared to our system. So you can’t assume in Cuba you get all the medicines you need. Therefore, my urgent warning: don’t forget the medicines you absolutely need!!!

It might also be interesting for you to check if you need some vaccinations before your Cuba trip, details here!

Have a nice holiday – hopefully without problems!
Saludos desde Berlin,


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